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In the conclusion of Encore Live: Mack the Knife & the Wild Years of Berlin, Tour Manager Markus Stuckelberger will take us through the dramatic and hilarious events leading up to the triumphant first night of The Threepenny Opera. We will trace the different destinies of the artists, brought together for the creation of this original masterpiece and torn apart by the outbreak of war.

As we follow Kurt Weill from Paris to America, we will see his music takes on a new color and a new life. After analyzing the musical structure of Kurt Weill's "Mackie Messer," we will enjoy a performance of Markus' band working on the transposition of the original song into the well-known jazz version: Mack the Knife. This event is free for anybody who's interested, so please RSVP now to save your spot!

Did you miss Part 1? Make sure to watch the recording on our blog!


Thursday, September 10, 2020


1:00 pm (Eastern Time US/Canada)


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Markus Stuckelberger
Markus Stuckelberger

Markus Stuckelberger was born in Switzerland but has lived his entire adult life in France. His background is in the Theatre where he ran a Dance Theatre company for several years alongside his wife, Kate Webb, who has also accompanied numerous Encore groups throughout Europe.

Markus has been playing the trumpet since he was eight years old, and regularly plays with different Jazz combos in Southern France. He has been working with Encore/ACIS for over thirty years and has traveled as a Tour Manager with numerous Encore choirs and orchestras.

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