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Revered to this day as the most talented cellist in history, Pau Casals started to record the Six Bach Cello Suites in 1936, the same year he was exiled from Spain, never to return. Amidst the tragedy of the civil war, exiled in the French Pyrenees, Casal’s interpretation of Bach’s cello music conveys yet hope and urgency alike. He rescues Bach's suites from obscurity and thus makes a mark in music history.

Travel with us to Barcelona and Mediterranean France in this live event and learn the story of this rediscovery. Join us as we learn more about Casals' incredible life, including his version of The Song of the Birds, which is often considered a symbol of Catalonia. This event is free for anybody who's interested, so please RSVP now to save your spot!

"Who should be more concerned than the artist with the defence of liberty, which is essential to his creativity?” -- Pau Casals


Thursday, September 24, 2020


4:00 pm (Eastern Time US/Canada)


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Javier Parrilla Guix
Javier Parrilla Guix

Journalist, actor, tour guide, and... high school teacher, Barcelona is the place I call home when I am not touring in other parts of Spain, France, Italy, and the Germanics. I have lived in Morocco, Switzerland, and Denmark and started working as a Tour Manager in March 2018.  I love languages, poetry, theatre, music, and History and I am convinced that a good history depends on how good you are at listening.

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